Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Baby lets cruise, away from here...

Well it's been awhile since my last post. Just got lost in alot of things to do and take care of since getting back. I had a wonderful time with my family celebrating my Father's 80th birthday by going on the cruise. I flew to New York first with my folks to my older  sister, Syd's home a day before and got to visit with her and her husband. The next day we met up at the docks with my sister, Lesly  from Texas and her husband and their good friends. We boarded the ship around 4 PM and I was blown away at the size. My cabin had two port holes to look out of and there was water as far as I could see. Dinners were in the dining room at 6 PM every night and we could either eat on lido deck on our own or in the dining area at certain times and be waited on. The night shows were great, either comedy or vegas type shows. There were 13 decks and to be honest I probably only saw 5-7 of them. Okay,I was busy at the casino with the 'Bucking Ahoy' or 'Ahoy Buckeneers' slot machine. We had a day in St John's off the ship and was able to take a joy ride to see the lighthouse (thought it was going to be a few) which turned out to be one. Still a beautiful sight from the water. My only requirement was to make sure I received the cute towels and there was a different one every night. On the last day I asked my steward for a small one to take home ( yes, he got an extra tip). Well enjoy my pictures.

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My Creative Time said...

BEAUTIFUL pictures!!! it looks like you had SOOOO much fun!! thankks for sharing!!