Sunday, July 4, 2010

It's getting there

Last night my Daughter, Veronica called at midnight to see if I was still awake. Of course I was, trying to catch up on all my dvr'd shows. She said she had something for me to look at. OMGosh, the start of my NEW blog. She had shown me before the lady she chose for me, but all else was a BIG surprise. Yes, my desk is a MESS (that's how I roll) and my dog is always VERY close by (that's how SHE rolls). I'll post a picture of both later. Stay turned cuz there will be surprises that happen when you hover over (can't tell ya) things. I am sooo very proud of my Daughter, Veronica's work , I hope she doesn't charge too much. Oh you said it's FREE-What a GOOD Daughter.  Love you honey.

Mom/ aka

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